Well Completion Funding for Oil & Gas Operators

Leveraging over 25 years of oil and gas finance experience, we provide asset-level, well completion funding to enable oil and gas operators to increase their profitability and balance sheet strength.

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Well Completion Funding

Allows operators to accelerate the conversion of short-cycle reserve prospects into production and cash flow, resulting in accelerated debt repayments and equity returns without disrupting existing capital structures, company governance and leasehold ownership.

Trade Components

Use of customary industry trade concepts and documentation allows for timely execution:


  • Operator conveys ORRI carved out of non-producing leasehold, subject to an agreed development plan

  • Initially, the ORRI gives Enstream the majority of net revenue interest percentage until target economic payout, reducing to a smaller percentage of the net revenue interest percentage thereafter; Operator receives residual cash flow and substantial back-in

  • Operator retains working interests, prospect control and inventory

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Operators benefit from:

  • Timely execution of project funding

  • Accelerated conversion of prospect inventory

  • Retention of capital structure and governance

  • Retention of producing reserves and upside

  • Retention of operating control

Target Prospects

We seek to fund short-cycle, lower-risk, higher-return prospects which may provide an immediate economic benefit to the operator:


  • Well return to production, recompletions and completions

  • Located in mature fields with established infrastructure

  • Multi-phase project opportunities

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